Katie Meengs

Grand Ledge Middle School

How long have you been at YFC?
I have been at YFC for 6 months.

Why are you doing student ministry in the Lansing area?
I have always had a passion for connecting with kids of all ages, YFC fits into reaching more students in the community perfectly.

Who is in your family?
I have been married to my husband Dan since 2013! We have two kids, Tyler who is 5, and Raelyn who is almost 3.

What do you enjoy doing?
I love running and snowboarding.

Favorite sports teams?
Not a huge sports fan, but I cheer for MSU because my husband is a diehard fan. wink

Favorite place to eat?
Anyplace that serves tacos is my favorite.

Favorite TV show or book?
My favorite tv show is Friends!