Hezekiah Trevino

Lansing Campus Life Director

[email protected]

How long have you been at YFC?
I have been a part of YFC for almost 2 years now.

Why are you doing student ministry in the Lansing area?
As an alumni of Eastern High School, I've always had a heart for reaching the inner city kids of Lansing. Knowing the kind of issues students from the inner city face, whether it be financially, educationally, or mentally, I always wanted to do my part in showing them something that will help them anytime in their lives, which is the love of Jesus.

Who is in your family?
I am 25 years old and married for almost 2 years to my beautiful wife Annastasha, who also helps me out in this ministry. We are both worship leaders at Riverview church here in Lansing.

What do you enjoy doing?
When I am not doing ministry I am a traveling musician and a diehard University of Michigan fan! Go BLUE!