Danielle Mitchell

Lansing Campus Life

How long have you been at YFC?
I have been with YFC since November 2017.

Why are you doing student ministry in the Lansing area?
YFC came about in a strange way but I knew it was God leading me here. As a Sexton alum, I know how important it is to have a community pour into you and it’s even more important for me to give back in that same way. I believe that you are meant to experience things to pass the lessons you learn to others that may cross your path.

Who is in your family?
I am the mother of one daughter, whose name is Laila. She and the rest of my family are the most important people in my world.

What do you enjoy doing?
My favorite hobby is anything that allows me to express myself creatively. I love graphic design, writing and painting.

Favorite sports teams?
I love watching sports but not a die-hard fan of any teams right now but if I had to choose one it would be MSU!

Favorite place to eat?
My favorite place to eat is Chipotle. I love their steak burrito bowls!!

Favorite TV show or book?
My favorite book is “Don’t Settle for Safe” by Sarah Jakes Roberts.