Christy Lambright

Development Coordinator | Charlotte Co-Director

[email protected]


How long have you been at YFC?
I have been on staff with YFC for 10 years; the first 5 years were in Middle Tennessee and the past 5 years have been with Lansing YFC. 

Why are you doing student ministry in the Lansing area?
I love the heart and passion that YFC has for reaching EVERY student with the life-changing message of the gospel in order to raise up life-long followers of Jesus! Here at Lansing we have a fantastic team dedicated to that mission and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Who is in your family?
I am currently living the single life with my 95 year old grandmother. And just to clarify, Ryan Lambright is my brother. 

What do you enjoy doing?
Making the most of every moment in our glorious Michigan summers with my friends and family outdoors! Plus reading, eating, and MSU Basketball.

Favorite sports teams?
Michigan State Spartans #gogreen

Favorite place to eat?
Anywhere with a patio and friends. 

Favorite TV show or book?
As a child growing up, my favorite book was “Christy” for obvious reasons.  I’d say my favorite TV show is whatever I’m currently binging and The Office.